Emotions of Running a Business

As I sit here writing this, I find myself feeling very frustrated and slightly defeated. Why? There are a lot of reasons. Mainly, it is because building and sustaining a successful business is incredibly challenging and, ultimately, risky. And, I've never been much of a risk taker so this is new territory for me and I'm feeling stuck. What better way to talk about these feelings than through a blog post because, who knows? Maybe someone reading this is feeling the same exact way and it can bring some level of comfort...that you're not alone. 

When I ventured out to start my own business, I knew there would be hard times, that things could come crashing down all at once, and that income wasn't going to be steady. BUT, I knew that I wanted to challenge myself, be my own boss, make a real difference in the lives of others, and carve a path that I could be proud of. The pros outweighed the cons and that was enough for me to take a leap. Most days I feel great about it all...TODAY, however, is not one of those days. 

I've lost several clients recently due to their financial constraints and/or injuries sustained before coming to see me. Inquiries have slowed, nearly coming to a complete halt. And, the paid advertisements I've set up throughout the web (as well as the overall online presence I've worked so diligently to create) are not giving me a return on investment. I'm not going to sugar coat this - things are shitty right now in my business world. 

I don't write this for people to feel sorry for me or come running to the rescue. I write this to be real, to let people know it isn't all rainbows and sunshine when it comes to being your own boss. Still, though, I find myself wanting, NEEDING to continue on. I cannot give up, I cannot sit around all day loathing the current situation I find myself in. I need to believe this is only a temporary condition, a small set back. Business will ebb and flow, but I know that I'm capable, conscientious, organized, professional, and able to provide clients with the best care possible. And, as long as I don't lose sight of that, I will be fine. 

So, to those are in business or making considering starting up one, DO IT! Don't hesitate, don't over-think it. You are capable, you are worth it, and you can make a difference. 


Mariah Fink

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