The StickerYou Contest is Here and My Business could Win $10,000!

Several weeks back, I came across an interesting contest opportunity geared specifically at small business owners. I immediately jumped at it and entered myself in because what small business couldn't used $10,000 to help themselves grow? To be honest, I was not sure how far I would get, but - round after round - I continued to make the cut and I'm at the final stage! I could not be happier or feel more humbled by this.

Ultimately, I'm writing this because I need YOUR help. If anyone is reading this and wants to help a small business out, vote for mine. Simply click on the unique URL link: It will take you directly to my page where you can click "VOTE." It takes less than 5 seconds of your time and could mean $10,000 for my business. $10,000 for my business would mean increased exposure, increased client volume, and money to put toward updating/adding to the gym I train clients at. 

You may not know me well or at all, but hopefully you can get behind supporting a small business; a business that is working day in and day out to help improve the health/wellness of others through exercise, proper nutrition. You could help a small business thrive and progress toward bigger things and, if you live in San Antonio specifically, investing in local businesses helps all of us. The stronger our businesses are, the more we are able to provide quality services to the residents of this great city. 

Please help. It is easy, quick and does not cost anything except a few seconds of your day. Again, though, those few seconds and that 1 click could make all the difference. 




Mariah Fink

Fitness Integrated with Nutrition Knowledge, 8507 McCullough, Suite C-33, San Antonio, TX, 78216

Fitness Integrated with Nutrition Knowledge
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