My Journey to Fitness, Personal Training, and a Happier/Healthier Me

I've spent the majority of my life active and athletic, but I'll be honest with you, right after graduating from college in 2010, it was tough for me to eat right and remain active. I was transitioning from one phase of my life to another and this new phase did not always make it easy to stay on track. For one, it was a typical 8-5 sedentary desk job (as most jobs seem to be now) and co-workers preferred going out to eat rather than packing a lunch so there was much more temptation than I'd encountered ever before. These sound like excuses or rationalizations, but they aren't. They were simply factors in my diet, health, and fitness taking a real hit.

Within my first year of post-grad, I found myself 25 pounds overweight. It may not sound like a lot, but it was. My clothes did not fit me properly, I had constant fatigue, and my self image was on the decline. I told myself I was just adjusting to my new life and things would get better, but they didn't. I kept waiting for a change that wasn't going to come unless I took real, measurable action. 

I started very slow - I worked out maybe once or twice per week for about 20-30 minutes. I didn't change my diet (in retrospect, I should have as soon as I began a workout regimen - rookie mistake) & I hated the small amount of working out that I was engaging in. It was difficult, I was out of breath quickly, and it was a real challenge for me mentally as well. I could not believe how quickly my metabolism had changed and how easy it was for me to "get out of shape" when I'd spent most of my life in shape. 

I had to re-learn how to workout, especially since I was out my element with working out to lose weight because I'd never had to do that before. It took effort, planning, time, and a lot of perseverance because, all too often, I wanted to quit; just continue about my life, eating what I wanted and having a lot more down time. BUT, I didn't. I stuck with it and, little by little, I began to see progress. Down a few inches here, down a few pounds there. I was beginning to make a real change and I was feeling accomplished about it.

Months into my journey, I found myself hitting that infamous "plateau" that everyone seems to talk about. I could not really figure out why so I brainstormed, reflecting on the past few months and it suddenly hit me, I'm still eating practically the same things I was before I began my workout regimen - could changing my diet be the missing piece (hint: it was!)? I quickly began delving into research on nutrition, reading everything I could get my hands on from registered dietitians, reputable nutrition websites, etc. 

I set my daily caloric intake, downloaded an app to track what I was eating, and began to incorporate healthier food into my daily diet. Again, I took small steps - an apple instead of fries or a burger without the top bun to save on refined carbs. It was doable, manageable, and - best of all - carried me over that plateau I'd hit. I continued to lose weight with the combined efforts of proper nutrition & working out consistently. And, that is the key folks. It is not a quick fix and it is not a top secret. 

I'm so happy today that I can say I'm down more than 25 pounds and have kept it off throughout these last 4+ years. I'm much healthier and look forward to getting a workout in. More importantly, I have more energy because I'm putting good, quality food into my body. What I'll tell you was it was not easy to get to this point, but I cannot adequately express the benefits I've reaped from it. 

So my advice? If you're thinking about improving your fitness and health, start TODAY. Do not put it off any longer. And, if you have already put something in place, DO NOT give up. It will be tempting, but don't give into the temptation. Keep moving forward, one step at a time. You don't have to make leaps and bounds, baby steps is all you need. I've mentioned this before, but we only have one life to live - we need to take care of ourselves emotionally, mentally, and physically. And the great news? Eating healthy and working out can help with ALL of those things. 

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