10 Reasons YOU Need a Personal Trainer/Nutrition Expert

Maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle can pose a constant challenge. Transitioning into said lifestyle can feel downright impossible. The good news? There are certified professionals everywhere to help you along the way and I am here to tell you should get in touch with one as soon as possible!

1) There is so much (mis)information all around the web. It can be confusing and, more importantly, often inaccurate. Getting in touch with a certified trainer/nutritionist can help you navigate this vast array of content and take the guess work out of it all. 

2) It is very easy to hurt yourself working out if you do not know proper form, safety guidelines, and technique. This can translate to a trip back to your couch long term and/or unwanted medical bills.  Personal Trainers go through a comprehensive, in-depth program to ensure they can safely and properly train both individuals and groups. They can constantly observe what you are doing and correct form if necessary to avoid injury. 

3) Ever made up a workout or nutrition plan for yourself? It is TAXING! Hand the reigns over to someone so they can develop an effective, long term plan for you based on your desires, goals, and needs. As you progress, they will continue to modify what is needed to keep you going.  

4) Nutrition guidelines and recommendations are constantly changing. Just a few years ago, the common, defended opinion was that fat was bad and should be consumed as infrequently as possible (think back to the no fat/low sugar craze of the 90's/early 2000s). Now, however, nutritionists have fully embraced the concept of "good fats" and highly recommended that we all reach for foods like avocados, olive oil, 2% or whole fat yogurt, whole eggs (none of this egg white nonsense). Eat fat to blast fat - what a concept! 

5) Have trouble maintaining a consistent workout or nutrition routine? Need someone to hold you accountable and provide that external motivation? All the more reason to hire a professional. And, there is NO reason to feel badly about it. Life can be hectic and it is easy to put your fitness and health on the back burner (though you shouldn't). You'll be much more likely to make it happen consistently if you have someone there to provide you with tactful motivation. 

6) Do you care about local businesses and the local economy? You should! And, when you hire a personal trainer, a large majority of them are working day in & day out to recruit new clients on their own; some of them running their own business on top of it. You have the ability to invest your money locally and keep it local!

7) Maybe you find yourself struggling with anxiety, depression, or some other type of chronic illness? Regular exercise has been shown, time and time again, to significantly improve peoples' moods/overall well being, not to mention their stress levels. 

8) You can meet new people at the gym - whether it is other clients, other trainers, or forging a solid friendship with your trainer. They can also be a soundingboard for issues going on in your life (if you wish to share personal details with the understanding that there is a fine line of sharing too much intimate information).       

9) Face it - we spend money on ourselves and indulge...whether it is to get our hair/nails done, buy a fancy new pair of shoes, go out to eat at a fancy restaurant. Most of us have discretionary income set aside so we are able to do what we want or do something that is good for us. You can easily set aside some time and money for a trainer, which brings me to my final (and most important) point. 

10) Investing in your health and fitness is of the utmost importance. We only live once and we all need to make the most out of this life we are given. That means taking care of ourselves, eating right, getting/staying active. The best part? If you do all of this, your risk of getting diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure/cholesterol (and many others) drop significantly. What does this mean? It means less likelihood of hospital/medical bills, lower insurance premiums, higher productivity, and the chance for a longer life. Who doesn't want that? 

So...my advice? Call or e-mail today! I'm a Personal Trainer AND a Nutritionist. I provide affordable, QUALITY services for all of my clients and I'd love to help you! 

Mariah Fink, gotfinkgetfit@gmail.com


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