The Gift that Keeps on Giving - FITNESS!

Is anyone out there still looking for easy & unique gift ideas for family, friends, and others? Need something fast since we are just days away from Christmas? Looking for something practical and, yet, still personal? 

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions, then you should consider giving the gift of FITNESS! What does this mean you ask? Great question! 

As we know, New Year's is right around the corner and, with that, comes New Year's Resolutions, many of which involve the betterment of people's health (whether through eating better and/or exercising more). All trainers know to expect a huge surge of clients during this time of year until at least a few months in to a new year which brings me back to my original thought - giving the gift of fitness. 

A fitness gift can look like many things, at least for my business(es). 1) You can purchase a block of personal sessions for you, someone you know, or even a group of friends (price drastically drops with group training). 2) You can purchase a block of nutrition sessions for you, someone you know, or - again - even a group of friends. 3) You can try out Camp Gladiator (CG), the fastest growing fitness movement in the nation. With this program, you can try out 1 month of UNLIMITED group fitness sessions at ANY/ALL locations available. Don't live in San Antonio? That's cool - CG is all over the United States. Right now, up until the last day in December, I am selling 1-month passes for the LOW price of $69. Again, this gets you an ENTIRE month of UNLIMITED sessions.  And, you can gift this to someone you know, especially if you want to try it out with a family member and/or friend. 

So think about it and contact me for more information. I'd love to help! :) 

Seasons Greetings and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! 


Mariah Fink

Fitness Integrated with Nutrition Knowledge, 8507 McCullough, Suite C-33, San Antonio, TX, 78216

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