5 Quick Self-Care Tips

This time of year can be stressful - projects need finishing up before the new year starts, people are trying to make sure their holiday shopping gets completed, family is coming in (or you are travelling to see them)...it's a lot. So, with everything feeling like it is cascading down on us, what can we do to ensure, at the end of the day, we are practicing good self-care? I have 5 quick suggestions/tips that you can easily implement into your day. 

1) Take a few intention deep breaths in & out, especially when you feel yourself tensing. We need oxygen, that's not news to anyone. However, when we are feeling overwhelmed, extra busy, stressed (whatever the case may be), we sometimes forget to take in some quality oxygen. So, stop for a second, re-evaluate the situation, and take 5 seconds to really breathe. It will not only help you to calm down, you will also be able to think more clearly. 

2) Do some jumping jacks (or really any type of quick cardio exercise). This gets your body moving, endorphins flowing, blood circulating, and - time and time again - research has shown that exercise reduces stress levels. 

3) Go on YouTube and find any one of the several hundreds or even thousands of meditation videos (one of my favorites is this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jyy0ra2WcQQ) 

4) Drink some water - so many times we are dehydrated and aren't even aware of it. 

5) Tell yourself something positive or motivational. Some of my personal favorites are, "I can do this, I am capable." "Everything is going to be alright." Or something as simple as, "relax."  

Try out a few or all of them! Happy Holidays!  

Mariah Fink

Fitness Integrated with Nutrition Knowledge, 8507 McCullough, Suite C-33, San Antonio, TX, 78216

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