Don't Wait for the New Year to Make a Change - DO IT NOW!

It has become the THING to do - a new year comes and, all of the sudden, everyone is making new years' resolutions right & left and a lot of them seem to be health related (eating better, exercising more, losing weight, etc.). I get it. People are pumped up for what the new year may bring; everyone is bright eyed, bushy tailed from having some time off...and, I suspect, a lot of people have out-done themselves in the weeks prior with holiday food/festivities (which gives them all the more reason for wanting to make improvements in the new year).

My argument is why wait? Start doing something today to reach your goal, whether it is health related or not. Make a plan, make time, and make it happen! Even making small, incremental changes will do you good, I promise. For example, say you're wanting to lose weight, but don't know where to start. Here's my advise - if you drink several sodas a day (or several caloric beverages), consider cutting it back to 1 per day to start. Right there, you've potentially saved several hundred empty calories. Need another simple thing to implement? Pick up a glass of water and drink that instead of a sugary beverage. Better yet, pick up a glass of water to drink 30 minutes before you eat a meal - research has shown that people who are properly hydrated tend to eat less over all and also take their time eating (which is also a contributing factor to eating less over all).

And, there you go - several simple things you can do throughout the day to make a small, but still significant change to your health AND waistline. Remember, if you need more guidance or someone to take you step by step, I am here to help! 


Mariah Fink

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