5 Benefits of Consistent Exercise

5 Benefits of Consistent Exercise

You know exercise is beneficial to you – you hear it all the time, you see it all over the place. Yet, the vast majority of Americans are still not nearly active enough. Blame it on our busy work schedules (and the sedentary desk life most experience), personal obligations, lack of time, etc. Whatever the case may be, you should still be making time for consistent exercise.  It doesn’t have to be every day and it doesn’t have to be hours long each time you do it. Striving for 3-4 times per week, getting at least 30-45 minutes in each time should be enough. If 30-45 minutes is too much, consider upping your number of days and going for 15-20 minutes instead. The point is to get moving and get moving as often as you can. So why is exercise so beneficial to us?

1)      It alleviates and/or helps you deal with stress. Too much stress is bad for our bodies. It can cause weight gain, sleeplessness, and even depression among other things.

2)      You can maintain your weight and/or lose weight (note: proper nutrition is key to weight loss as well). Unless we are body building or pregnant, there really is no good reason to pack on the pounds. If you’re at a good weight, you want to be able to stay there long term. And, if you’re overweight, you might consider using exercise as one of the many weight loss tools available.

3)      Want to change your mood or feel more optimistic? Several studies have consistently shown that exercise (especially when outdoors) can change our attitude for the better.

4)      You might be more prone to eat a healthier diet when you are exercising consistently. People tend to not want their hard work to go to waste so they monitor what they put into their bodies a little more closely.

5)      It can extend your life expectancy. We were meant to be and stay active. The sedentary lifestyle is not for us – our metabolisms slow down, body fat increases. With that, all sorts of chronic, fatal illnesses set in, decreasing our quality of life and/or our life expectancy in general.


And, there you have it. 5 simple, but hopefully motivating benefits of regular exercise. So, lace up those shoes and get working! No one ever regretted doing a workout – take it one day at a time. You’ll get there! #GotFinkGetFit  

Mariah Fink

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