Why Choose Me as Your Trainer?

There are a plethora of fitness programs, gyms (both big and small), independent personal trainers, etc. throughout the San Antonio area. We are inundated with options...so what sets ME, owner/operator of Fitness Integrated with Nutrition Knowledge, apart? Why choose me? 

First and foremost, clients are my priority! I want to help everyone achieve (and surpass) their goals and I want all of my clients to be 100% satisfied with the service they are receiving which leads me to my second point. 

I want feedback, both the good and the areas that need improvement. I ask my clients often, do you like this workout or nutrition plan? Is this working for you? Do you feel like you're getting out of it what you want? How can I make it better? I have thick skin so I really urge people to say what is on their mind. I don't know what I don't know so, by asking, I hope clients feel they can be honest. In addition to the feedback I ask for, I actually implement what they have asked. For example, I asked a client a few weeks back - what would you like to see from your next month's workouts? What am I not focusing on with you that I should? She said, I'd like to focus more on my arms and core. Do you know what I did what that information? I used it to develop her new workout plans. I followed exactly what she wanted and what she was looking for. I didn't just ask her for feedback and then tuck it away in the back of my mind - I acted on it.

On days where I do not see clients, I check in with them to see how they're doing. I'm not looking for anything except a chance to further help them however I can which leads back to my first point of putting clients first. Even former clients will receive a check in from me from time to time. I want to make sure people are doing well and, if they are not, I want to know if there is anything I can do to assist them.

I say what I do and I do what I say, almost without fail (I am human after all). If I say I'm going to e-mail you information on "xyz," rest assured you will receive that information. If you ask me to call or text you a reminder about a makeup session, an irregular session day/time, you will get what you need from me. People can rely on me, people can put their trust in me. I will not let you down and, from my personal life experience, that is a rare find.

I've built this business on my own (although I'm happy to admit my husband has supported/helped me in several facets of it). I do not have a background in business management and I did not have any previous, direct experience in running a business. Sure, there were previous employment positions which I feel have prepared me to do what I'm doing now, but I have also had to go through a lot of trial/error and research. To have a consistent client base of 10-15 individuals within the first year of training is, I've been told, not very common. I've hustled and worked my butt off and I'll hustle and work my butt off for my clients.

So, give me a try. I guarantee you will not regret your decision! #GotFinkGetFit 

Mariah Fink, CPT & CSN


Mariah Fink

Fitness Integrated with Nutrition Knowledge, 8507 McCullough, Suite C-33, San Antonio, TX, 78216

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