About me

Hi, welcome to the Fitness Integrated with Nutrition Knowledge (FINK) website. My name is Mariah Fink and I am a Certified Independent Personal Trainer and also hold certifications in Sports Nutrition and Zumba with more to come as I grow my business, gaining further experience in the fitness industry. I was officially certified in late 2015, but have been doing my own research and study of fitness/health for many years. Everyday, I strive to learn something new about fitness, health, and nutrition. I also follow and learn from some of the best trainers that not only hold academic degrees in a fitness related subject, but also have decades worth of experience working with clients to help them achieve their goals. I trust their expertise, knowledge, and have put their advice into practice. I want to help YOU achieve your fitness and nutrition goals. There is no gimmick and no quick fix. It will require consistency, dedication, motivation, and - above all - time. However, with my help, you will get there and I will be there every step of the way, cheering you on, coaching you. I invite you to browse the rest of my website to get more information on me, services offered, and pricing. Thank you and remember, if you GOT FINK, you will GET FIT! 

Fitness Integrated with Nutrition Knowledge
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